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FW Gallery - 4 responsive designs

5 responsive designs

Starting with Default vivid gallery design you get extra 4 designs that you can select in global Configuration or individually for a menu item. Masonry, Pinterest, Polaroids and Classic are extra designs that define galleries and files design allowing more layout configuration via grid, pagination and content parameters.

Photo, video or mixed galleries

Create images, video or mixed content galleries to present information exactly as you need for your needs. Use popular images formats like JPG, PNG, GIF for pictures. Video can be uploaded as MP4 files or added as remote movies from YouTube or Vimeo.

FW Gallery - 4 responsive designs
FW Gallery - 4 responsive designs

Front-end manager

The easiest way to manage galleries online without going to Admin Panel. Very helpful for those users who are not very tech savvy. While functionality for managing galleries and files is almost identical to Admin version Super User can limit Front-end Manager to certain galleries.

Gallery Content plugin

Place images or video files or even full galleries within Joomla articles or modules using Gallery Content Plugin. Add a tag inside an article to define a gallery object you want to place, add parameters to choose design and layout for selected object.

FW Gallery - 4 responsive designs
FW Gallery - 4 responsive designs

Translation manager

Get 12 translations that FW Gallery comes with or use Translation Manager in Admin Panel to translate FW Gallery to any language you have installed in Joomla back-end. Select language you need to translate to, add your translations based on English version, save and you are done.


All Features

4 Gallery Designs
Standard, Masonry, Pinterest like and Polaroid designs for galleries and items.
Front-end Manager
Mobile friendly front-end management view focused on work with the gallery.
Tag Gallery
Make a unique multitype gallery by selecting all uploaded files with tags they are assigned to.
Responsive gallery
Mobile friendly layouts for best performance and look on any device.
Photo and video items
JPG, PNG, GIF and other web formats for images. Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 for videos.
Files batch upload
Fast and handy files management with batch upload feature.
EXIF data import
All meta information that comes with file gets imported including GEO location, keywords, camera settings, etc.
Images auto-resize on upload
Dimensions set in configuration will be applied on upload while original files will be kept as alternative.
Lightbox preview
Configure if you want to show your images in a lightbox or go straight to a an image page.
Language management
Adjust language interface translations to your needs or create translation for a new language.
Content gallery tags
Paste galleries or signle items into Joomla! articles or Custom HTML modules.
Vote system
Public and authorized users votings with stars, hearts or thumbs.
Tags management and statistics
Tags section allow to review and edit existing tags and see usage frequency.
Disqus comment system
Integrates Disqus comment system into item view if configured.
Multilevel galleries hierarchy
Unlimited levels of galleries to build required folders tree.
Slideshow module
Autoplay gallery images according to configuration settings.
Joomla! search integration
Adds gallery items to standard Joomla! search results.
Items on google maps view
Based on imported GEO data shows media items on Google map.
Latest module
Shows recently added or random images in a module.
Facebook import
Allows Facebook profile or page images import into gallery folder.
Google Images import
Allows Google Images folders import into selected gallery folder.
AJAX or standard pagination
AJAX loads more items to a page withot refreshing it.
Quick check info
List of key parameters to make sure gallery will function at its best.
JCE gallery button
JCE Editor button for FW Gallery to help include gallery or item in content.
Images rotate
Rotate manually images if camera rotation is not rendered correctly.
Watermark protection
Protect images from unauthorised usage on other websites or media.
Social share buttons
Allow your visitors to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Galleries list view
Top level gallery view with all galleries included as a subfolder. No images in this view.
Single gallery view
A gallery with any number of sub-galleries and images included in a current.
Item view
Single photo layout with its display settings and options.
Gallery display settings
Configure galleries grid, number per page and ordering. Show/hide empty galleries
Item display settings
Configure images display grid, number per page and ordering.
Menu item settings
Define specific gallery and image settings via menu item options.
Default gallery image
Select default preview image amonth the images in a gallery.
Item details
Set image name, owner, upload date, description, copyright note. Choose what is shown.
Gallery details
Set gallery name, owner, create date and description. Choose what is shown.

Modules & Plugins

Slideshow Module

Nicely designed slideshow with autoplay option based on selected galleries .
Slideshow Module Demo

Latest Module

Latest module shows not only latest, but newest and random files in chosen galleries.
Latest Module Demo

Map Module

Google Map shows images based on GEO tags added to images individually or imported with files meta information.
Map Module Demo

Content Plugin

Show single files (photo or video) or full galleries in Joomla articles or modules. Just add a code with file or gallery ID with design parameters inside text paragraphs.
Content Plugin Demo

Search Plugin

Integration with standard Joomla search to help show FW Gallery items via Search module. Search works for gallery and files names, description and tags.
Search Plugin Demo

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